Ruined Plans End With Hard Sex

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Description: Come on... just a little stroll around the block, why not? Mina K Medina is just dying to get out of the house, and she really wants you to go with her. But it's hot out, you're tired, and you've got to work for a living, so you really just want to sit this one out and stay home relaxing. On the other hand, if you have some VERY good idea on how the two of you might still get a little exercise in. The doctor's saying that getting your heart rate up for thirty minutes a day is important - they didn't tell you what you needed to do! in fact, that little outfit that she put on just to tease you and tempt you out of your chair hugging her curves in all the right places. She'll push that round ass into your hands as she slowly rubs herself against your lap, feeling your rock-hard cock pressing against her leg. Okay, you win. Join Mina K Medina in your living room for some hardcore action that's sure to satisfy her craving for some cardio with this fun and sexy VR experience from TmwVRNet!
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