Mio Kimijima & Yuuri Oshikawa – Detour Off the Fans Thanksgiving Day Bus Part 2

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Description: This is a bus with some FIRST CLASS service! Who cares where you're going when the journey is all the fun, as Mio Kimijima and Yuuri Oshikawa are your VERY hot Japanese idol attendants for your trip. Nothing looks quite as sexy as that uniform on these two girls, but you just know they look even better without them. Part one of this JAV VR experience has you sitting in the back of the bus as Yuuri and Mio come back to tease you. Their hands run over your pants, and soon they'll have their fingers wrapped around your cock for a double handjob. But it gets even better - their mouths are soon to follow as they work on sucking your cock together in a FATASTIC double blowjob. In the mood for more? Use the SLR app to switch over to part two of KoalaVR's JAV porn, where you've arrived at your destination and the girls are ready to give you everything that up until now has only been a tease. Grope Mio's big tits while Yuuri sucks on your cock. Feel their tits as they press them against you and stroke you together until you give them a messy, cum-filled finale that'll leave both these sticky and satisfied. Japan is the land of customer service, and Yuuri and Mio are going to make sure that you leave a stellar review!
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Models: Mio Kimijima