Space Orgasm: Reloaded - Voyeur

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Description: The crew of this spaceship was in trouble. They had encountered an enemy that was very powerful, so they had to break out their secret weapon. The problem was that the weapon is powered by male orgasms, so Vanessa and Blanche went right to work by calling one of the male crew members into their room, pulling his cock out and sucking it. He was happy to help in any way he could so once the ladies had him hard he ate their pussies before putting Vanessa on all fours and fucking her from behind. Blanche took her turn on the cock by laying on her side and letting him thrust away on her tight pussy. Blanche rolled over and got on top, riding him while Vanessa sat on his face. The combination was more than he could handle causing the hotties to jump off and milk him dry. His powerful orgasm gave them all the ammo they needed to fight the bad guys
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Models: Vanessa Decker