Sexy Blonde is Fucked in an Interrogation Room

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Description: A power fantasy made real for you by TmwVRnet. Here's you've got this perfectly innocent little Sarah Smith (well, not that innocent, there's a reason you brought her in) and she's going to bargain for her freedom in the best way she knows how. This slutty babe barely needs to be talked into it, she's practically throwing herself at your cock. Hell, maybe she would've done this even without you bringing her to the interrogation room! From sitting on the table to down on her knees in front of you, even with you laying on the floor as she bounces her tight little body on your dick... every last moment is your fantasy come true with her. And what's the best way to end this experience? Why, covering her beautiful lips in a nice, glossy layer of your cum, of course!
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Models: Sarah Smith