Thigh High Goddess

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Description: Well that settles it - white is our new favorite color. With fiery red hair and just the hint of her red bra peeking from her lingerie, today's premier babe is strutting her stuff and leaving our jaws on the floor. We give you ten second of watching her hips sway from side to side before you're reaching for your pants. Oh, and that magnificent ass of hers? You're about to get up close and personal with it as she gets nice and close to the camera. It's almost like getting a lap dance from one of the hottest ladies on the 'net! Sit back and watch as the layers come off, showing more and more skin until you're watching those perfect nipples get hard in the cool air of the room just for you - after all, this is a trademark StasyQVR VIP striptease experience, and YOU'RE the VIP!
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Models: Sandra Wellness