Marina's Spectacular Orgasm

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Description: Marina started to get dressed, but as she stood looking out the sliding glass door in her bedroom she couldn’t keep her hands off her body. She gently touched and teased herself as she crawled up onto her bed where she unzipped her dress and slipped out of it showing that she had no bra on under it. As her fantastic tits spilled out, she pulled her hair back and showed off her unshaven armpits. Marina likes to keep it natural so as she shed her panties she exposed her very hairy pussy and round ass. Her fingers felt good as she got on all fours and rubbed her pussy from behind then she rolled onto her back and continued working her clit. Putting both hands to work, she eased two fingers into her pussy to finger fuck herself while using her free hand to rub her clit. The sensation was so intense her toes curled and she moaned loudly as she came. Wanting more, she grabbed her vibrator, turned it on, and pressed it against her pussy. She ground her hips against it while making some eye contact as she massaged her clit with the toy. It felt so amazing it only took a few minutes and this babe was cumming her brains out as she pressed the toy hard against her pussy. Her legs shook and she cried out with passion as the orgasm washed over her body then she lay back on the bed and relaxed, a smile of satisfaction crossing her pretty lips.
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