Ruria Ichinose – Gyaru Dresses Me as a Girl Before We Have Sex Part 2

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Description: It's a gender bending good time when one of the wildest babes you know takes a few liberties with your outfit! Gyarus are wild girl who walk the streets of Tokyo, flaunting their skin and sexuality in a way that society just doesn't accept. When you bring one of the overtanned, wig-wearing babes back to your place, you just know that you're going to have a WILD time! Ruria Ichinose has a naughty little idea - dressing you up like one of those cute & innocent schoolgirls! This is a hardcore, POV, JAV experience that's completely unique - giving you a chance to try something different. ChinChinVR isn't afraid to mess with the Japanese porn formula, and this hot, hardcore experience certainly counts! Watch both parts of this VR video experience with the SexLikeReal app and switch smoothly and easily between both parts as you find out just wild this wild & sexy gyaru has in store for you today!
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Models: Lulia Ichinose