Ren Ichinose, Ayane Haruna, Harura Mori, and Yuzuka Shirai – Living in a Share-house with Really Cute Girls Part 3

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Description: The most immersive Japanese experiences ever to grace VR. Your time in the house begins with Harura Mori and Ren Ichinose letting themselves in. Sipping on cold green tea, these two girls break out the cards as you get to know each of them. A sleepy eyed Yuzuka comes on the sign and says good morning - but it's not morning at all! Finally Ayane Haruna joins the scene - and the stage is set for one of the greatest nights of your life. The first fantasy you'll get to check off is playing Twister with these four babes. All the legs, arms, and asses you can dream about just inches away from your face as you get yourself tangled up with the ladies. These Japanese babes are a bit competitive, though, so they decide to slip into something a lot less comfortable and a lot more sexy when they grab their bathing suits to play along! Like any good party, the heat starts to turn up in part 3 when the game gets a new rule - strip twister! If you thought you were having fun before, now you've got these babes topless with you! Things keep getting wilder by the moment - and let's take a moment to tell you just how long this experience is. You've got SEVEN parts of amazing, high resolution JAV VR action - that's well over an hour to experience these three JAV idols in the flesh. Finally, in part five, you've excused yourself up to your room when one of these babes decides to join you. Which one is it going to be? Well there's only one way to find out, isn't there? Her mouth is already wrapped around your cock for a fantastic blowjob when another sexy Japanese teen slips into the room. The sexiest night of your life is starting off with a THREESOME! The night passes and you decide to catch up on a little work - but cute and sexy Ren is feeling left out of all the action. Wearing her adorable pajamas, she jumps right up on the desk to demand a little bit of that attention you've been handing out, and gets to be the third girl you've fucked in this house since you got here! Clearly you're not going to get any rest tonight, so you slip back out to the living room... where you find one last girl who's just dying for your cock. We won't spoil the surprise of which Japanese teen is waiting for a taste of your dick, but we promise that once her tits are just inches away from your lips while she's riding you cowgirl that you'll be thanking studio AromaPlanning for a ticket to the hottest house party of your life! With this many incredible scenes, you need an app that'll let you jump between them seamlessly. Who wants to take off their VR headset every time they change videos? With the SexLikeReal app on your Oculus Quest, HTC Vive / Vive Pro, Rift S, Valve Index, or even on your Google Cardboard, you can fully immerse yourself in all the action, streaming the greatest house party of your life right to your headset flawlessly and letting you jump from part to part. Don't miss all SEVEN parts of this amazing JAV experience that lets you live out your fantasies with four Japanese teens!
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