Hard Fuck Or A Hard Talk?

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Description: When a man comes back home after a long workday, he usually wants to relax in his favorite armchair, to watch a couple of movies and just enjoy a good evening. Those men who live alone can do everything they want and they usually have no problems with finding a good way to relax. But living with a girlfriend can be a real puzzle. This lucky man comes back home and falls into his comfy armchair when his girlfriend comes up to him. He prepares himself for a long talk about relations or other things but she surprises him with a dance that she learned specially for him. He loves that start very much and soon he puts the cutie into doggy position so that he could penetrate her asshole and pussy with his dick. He leaves the hottie satisfied and covered with his fresh sperm. Now it is time to talk but will she want to discuss anything?
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Models: Sofi Smile