Nao Jinguji – My Girlfriend is a Gravure Model Part 1

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Description: It's just not fair. Nao's body is supposed to be all yours - but her new career as a gravure star is enough to drive you insane. Every day, thousands of other men watch her perfect figure and imagination doing the things that only you're supposed to do. Nao knows that you're feeling a little jealous, so today it's a personal show just for you. Spread over two sizzling hot parts, you'll get to see your beautiful girlfriend in various sexy, revealing outfit. Watch her push limits of what's acceptable "on camera" for you that she never could at work. The whole world might get to see her in a swimsuit, but you're the one that gets to see those perfect tits when she takes it off! If you use the SLR app to enjoy this ChinChinVR striptease, you can slide easily between both parts of this experience - the fun doesn't have to stop to load the next video! With just a couple clicks, you can be back with Nao Jinguji for more incredible voyeur teasing with just a couple easy clicks.
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Models: Nao Jinguji