Hana Misora and Nao Hamasaki – Delivery Health FFM Booking Special

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Description: The ultimate fantasy brought to life! From the moment you open your eyes inside this incredible JAV VR experience, you've alreayd got irresistible Hana Misora sucking your cock, asking you if it feels good as her tongue flicks across your head. But you get an unexpected surprise when Nao Masaki catches the two of your in the act and starts passing judgment! Well, if she doesn't like it, maybe she should get down here and show you both how it's done! Brought to life in richly detailed, high definition VR video, you'll get to experience the sort of sexual paradise that you've always dreamed about featuring two INCREDIBLE Japanese idols! Feel the heat of Hana Misora's tits as she fucks them while Nao Hamasaki licks your nipples. See what it's like to have each of these little sluts take turns giving you a blowjob, and even what it's like to have them work together for a double blowjob that'll have you fighting back the urge to burst right then and there! Hana Misora and Nao Hamasaki are guaranteed to test your endurance right up to the very end when they'll FINALLY let you cum with a double handjob!
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