Desk Space

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Description: Amelia B has noticed how distracted you are in class and she knows exactly why. You're not the first student to be infatuated with Amelia's gorgeous body and she knows just how to handle the situation. You need to get this fantasy out of your system and she's going to help. When it's just the two of you after class, Amelia takes off the professional attire she wears to class and shows you that underneath are sexy sheer panties and bra with a garter belt and black nylons. Her tits look big in the tight bra, but they're even bigger once the bra comes off and Amelia leans over her desk to let you look at the huge breasts you've been drooling over every class. You're not sure it's going to help you get over this crush, but you've never been more turned on.
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Models: Amelia B