The Strip Club Changing Room

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Description: Behind the scenes at a strip club, Lucy Devine gives us a glimpse of what she does while she gets ready to go on stage. While wearing a very short skirt and some high heels, she does her makeup then she stands up and takes her dildo out of her purse. She reaches down and slides the toy into her tight pussy. With her skirt hiked up around her waist, she hops up on the dressing table and proceeds to fuck herself with the toy. Licking and sucking on the toy, she moves back across the room to a chair where she sits down, lifts a leg, and fucks herself with the dildo nice and hard. When she wants it deep, she sits in the chair and spreads her legs wide then drills herself nice and deep, moaning and cumming all over the toy. After the orgasm, this curvy, British bombshell licks her juices from the toy and straightens her skirt so she can get ready to go on stage.
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Models: Lucy Devine