My Teenage Stepdaughter

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Description: You have been dating Angels mum for a few years now and recently got married to her. You both decided to move in together but her daughter Angel is always hanging around, however you don’t mind so much as Angel is pretty fit and she’s always coming in and out of the bathroom half naked, with is very distracting . You do get inappropriate thoughts about having sex with her sometimes. This is always a great fantasy of yours. Especially when she has been walking around the house in her tight shorts and t shirt , an she has an incredible body, however, there is nothing you can do about it since you are married to her mum. While lying on the sofa relaxing one day after a hard afternoon at work, suddenly you find your step daughter Angel entering the lounge. Angel says “what are you doing?, just relaxing you say. She says, “would you do something for me?”. She comes straight out with it and says , she’s so horny and wants to suck your dick! ‘You won’t tell my mother she says’ After a little pressure from her, you start to feel very horny and your cock starts to throb. Your mind is telling you no but your body is telling you yes. Watch as she slowly undresses you and takes control of your body stroking you and takes your pants off revealing your hard cock. Still feeling panic and excitement, she slowly wraps her mouth around your hard cock and gives you a blowjob to remember. But it doesn’t end there, now she up’s the tempo and moves on top of you and slides up and down and your hard cock. Angel pussy feels so tight and wet wrapped around your cock and the excitement of knowing her mum, your wife could walk through the door any moment just turns you on even more. Get ready to feel the experience with your step daughter Angel and immerse yourself in Virtual Realty Porn. Experience heightened senses and visual stimulation which you have never experienced before in 4K, HD Quality, shot in 180, with 3D with binaural Sound.
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Models: Angel Rush