Dust That Ass

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Description: Paloa was doing some housework and cleaning things up while wearing a sexy red dress. As she walked around living room dusting she realized that she had left one of her favorite dildos out sitting on a table next to a chair. She bent over to dust the chair off and showed off her thong clad ass under her dress. Just seeing the dildo really turned her on so she unzipped her dress and stepped out of it showing that she had no bra on underneath. As she slid her lace panties off, she showed off her nice abs and fit body. Relaxing in the chair, she reached down and started teasing her shaved pussy then she slowly eased a finger into her pussy. The auburn-haired hottie grabbed her big, glass plug and licked it to make it nice and wet with her spit then she used it to gently rub and fuck her tight pussy. The plug felt good, but she wanted more so she set the plug down and grabbed her dildo that she slowly eased into her pink slit. With her eyes closed to enjoy the moment, she buried the toy deep inside her and started to moan. Fucking her pussy felt amazing, but she needed something more so she licked the dildo to lube it up with her spit then she eased it into her ass. While she fucked her ass with the dildo she put two fingers into her pussy and made herself cum. Fucking herself with the dildo then fingering her pussy to finish herself off beat the hell out of dusting any day.
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