Ikumi Kuroki – I Picked up a Girl For a VR Home Movie Part 2

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Description: When you last left off in part one, Ikumi Kuroki had her pussy, dripping wet, pressed right up to your face while she played with her clit, right on the edge of cumming for you. And that's exactly where part two picks up, throwing you right into the hottest part of the action - and things only get better from there! It's just you and Ikumi as she strokes you, licks you, sucks you, and finally fucks you while you lay back and enjoy every last bit of the pleasure that her body has to offer. Those perfect tits will be bouncing and shaking while she rides your cock, cumming for you over and over again. As cool as she thought your VR equipment was, it's nothing compared to how much she likes fucking you! CasanovA puts just the right finishing touch on your time with Ikumi Kuroki in part two of their two-part video series here, and once again you can fully immerse yourself in high definition virtual reality while you fuck one of the hottest babes in Japan! We highly recommend viewing this JAV VR video with the SLR app to easily stream both parts without breaking your immersion and needing to take off your headset. Our free, easy to use app is available on countless platforms, including some of the best in the industry gear like the Oculus Quest or Valve Index!
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