Hono Wakamiya – I Give Her Away to Fix a Mistake Part 1

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Description: The look in Hono eyes as these men undress her. The way she's staring right at you while their hands and fingers slide into her bra, grasping at her luscious, big tits. Those were supposed to be for you. No on else but you is supposed to touch them, and now you're turning her body over to a couple of men just because you fucked up. The only satisfaction that your girlfriend Hono Wakamiya gets out of this is knowing that you'll have to watch helpless as they use her. You hope she can forgive you... Somewhere in the depths of every imagination is the cuckold fantasy, a thrill that the Japanese bring to new heights with netorare (NTR). In this two part, hardcore experience, you're to watch as your girlfriend repays her debts with her sexy body - and she has to give EVERYTHING, with two guys taking full advantage of her while you lay there. Watch her suck one man's cock while another is pounding her - and she'll be looking right at your the whole time during this unwanted threesome. Indulge your darker dreams with the help of the CasasnovA and SLR when you give away Hono Wakamiya in a thrilling and erotic Japanese VR experience!
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Models: Hono Wakamiya