Maya Misaki – Surprise Visit by the Wife Next Door Part 1

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Description: You're dreaming about beautiful women when one walks into your room. Maya Misaki is your gorgeous neighbor and you love when she stops by. She's stunning, with large eyes and full lips. You've noticed her making up more excuses to come over lately and every time she seems to touch you a little more. This time she stops by to show you her shopping while she lingers inches from your cock. You know she's married, but your dick is rock hard with desire as she drops the pretense and her hands begin to run over your body. You know it's wrong, but those soft tits and tiny waist are impossible to resist. She pulls your cock out for a blowjob and you give in completely. Maya knows looks so sexy taking your cock down her throat but she looks perfectly innocent when she strips down to her white lace bra and slip. That angelic face and sweet voice can't hide the fact that her husband is in the next room, though. She finishes undressing to reveal the most perfect petite body in the world. The small, delicate nipples on her perky tits are making your mouth water. She takes her time teasing you for a while before you finally get to bury your cock into that pussy like you've always wanted to, but it was the worth the wait. Enjoy this VR experience on the SLR app to take in the incredibly real fantasy you've been dreaming about.
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