Reira Hazuki – Former Gyaru Passionate Take Home Sex Part 1

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Description: Nobody parties quite like a gyaru. Gyaru culture is all about disappointing your parents, and Reira Hazuki is definitely succeeding! You've talked this incredibly sexy Japanese teen back to your apartment with your buddy for a few drinks and some laughs. One too many drinks in, and she's out cold on the couch. How can you resist? Watch as he lays her back and takes off her bra, throwing it aside so you can FINALLY get a look at those amazing tits, just like you've wanted to do all day. And spread out on the couch like this, that tattoo on her leg looks just so sexy. In fact, she's too good to resist - so why bother trying? You and your buddy take advantage of this Japanese slut while she's zonked out on the couch, but the first time his cock touches her lips, she's awake and demanding to know just what the hell the two of you think you're. And to your surprise - she's into it! Make your fantasies a reality when you experience a hardcore MFM threesome featuring on of the hottest young Japanese babes in he business. Watch her kiss you while another man gropes and squeezes her incredible tits, or watch her mouth slide up and down your cock while she gets pounded from behind, then spread her legs and have your well-earned turn fucking this incredible Asian teen. With all this hardcore action, studio WAAPVR had to spread it all out over two parts. Use the SLR app and you easily stream both of these parts of the JAV experience right to your headset, and all without breaking your immersion to take your VR gear off to load separate videos. Reira Hazuki is ready to party - all she needs is a couple guys to help make her night one to remember!
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