Ririka – Restaurant Part 1

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Description: Ready to take your virtual reality experience to the next level? Go beyond simply loading up a video to fuck a beautiful woman - now you can start right at the beginning of your date. This little touch does INCREDIBLE things to the immersion of your virtual reality experience - elevating it to something that deeply fools your brain into accepting this new reality in a way that jumping right right into the action just doesn't. Beautiful Japanese darling Ririka took you up on your offer of dinner, and things are going VERY well! In fact, now that the waiter has gone away, she's willing to take your relationship the next level - right here and right now! The first part of this two-part hardcore JAV video has you starting your night with some flirting... some touching... and a little foreplay. By the time you get to part two, you'll have Ririka's skirt hiked up around her waist and fucking her from behind, and you don't care who in the restaurant can hear it! Let DreamTickerVR give you the ticket YOUR fantasy date with the SLR app on one of our many supported headsets, now including premier hardware like the Oculus Quest or Valve Index!
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Models: Ririka