Yukine Sakuragi, Yuzu Kitagawa, and Minori Kotani – New School Transfer Student Harem Sex

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Description: You just came to town a few weeks ago, and it's the age old problem - you don't know anyone at your new school. This class is a little different, and they have a special welcoming committee just for this situation. Yukine Sakuragi, Yuzu Kitagawa, and Minori Kotani has volunteered to give you a proper introduction to your new class. These three Japanese schoolgirls want you to feel right at home, and they'll do anything to make you comfortable in your new school. Sit back and let yourself be treated to pure sexual luxury as these three hot teen babes play with each others' young bodies for your enjoyment, and then drop right to their knees to personally service your cock. Sure, you've had a blowjob before. Maybe you're one of those lucky guys that's even had a double blowjob before. But now, right here with studio AromaPlanning and SexLikeReal, you're about to receive a triple blowjob in virtual reality that'll leave you reeling! Get ready to shoot the biggest, hottest load of cum all over these three Japanese beauties as they welcome their new transfer to the school!
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