Kurumi Tamaki – Secret Sex in a Karaoke Box

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Description: You just scored the hottest date of your life... but if only there was someplace you could take this Kurumi Tamaki without attracting any attention! You know just the spot - a little karaoke parlor that private rooms and a manager that likes to look the other way for a very reasonable price. It doesn't take long before singing crappy J-Pop tunes turns to a hot and heavy makeout session, and soon you're going to get to see those amazing tits of her for yourself, along with every other part of her stunning body nice and close! As hot as she is, Kurumi is no tease, and you're about to be on the receiving end of a hot VR blowjob AND a paizuri finish that's going to leave your date a little sticky. Wonder if you can call down to the front desk for some towels...
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Models: Kurumi Tamaki