An Sasakura, Chisato Saotome, Rika Gotou, and Yuuri Maina – Secret Sex in a Karaoke Box Special Part 3

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Description: Got a good nampa game? Or maybe you just want to all the sexy JAV hotties for yourself? Well bring your date up to the karaoke box for a little extra privacy and a whole lot more passion - who needs to sing? All you want is the cheap drinks and a chance to get away from the prying eyes of the public! CasanovA is bringing you a compilation of their hottest one on one JAV POV experiences from the Karaoke Box. One of their most popular series, Secret Sex in a Karaoke Box brings you into cramped quarters with a hot babe - and now they're lining up a whole group of ladies for your to enjoy! Experience the sensual bodies of An Sasakura, Chisato Saotome, Rika Gotou, and Yuuri Maina one after the other as you lay back and enjoy everything these hot sluts have to offer. Don't let their innocent smiles and cute little outfits fool you. Underneath that demure exterior is a horny whore just waiting for the chance to be unleashed. Available on countless headset including the Oculus Quest, HTC Vive / Vive Pro, Valve Index, Rift S, and many others, SLR has teamed up with CasanovA to let you experience all four parts of this hardcore buffet of babes in high resolution, immersive virtual reality. Don't miss out on what these ladies are offering you for another second!
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