Risa Mochizuki – Lewd Nurse Plays While Doctor is Away Part 2

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Description: There's a long wait to see the doctor, but Risa is here to help you pass the time. You noticed that the bombshell nurse seemed a little handsy while she took your vitals and she got even flirtier once the two of you were alone in the examination room. It doesn't seem entirely professional for her to crawl up to straddle you on the table and you're pretty sure that's not what a stethoscope is for, but you don't really mind what Risa does to your body at this point. This nurse is desperate for a little relief and it shows. She rubs her panties against your hard cock and moans with the friction. She shows you her pussy to let you run your tongue over her clit. When she can't stand another moment without your cock, she pulls it right out to wrap her sweet mouth around it. You feel better already by the time Risa is done with her special treatments but you think you'll be back at the doctors office right away.
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Models: Risa Mochizuki