Mirei Aika – First Night Together with my Girlfriend Part 1

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Description: After weeks of dating, tonight is the night. Finally, you're taking Mirei Aika back to your apartment and settling in for a night of fun that you won't soon forget. With JAV, you don't just get hardcore sex, you get a little flavor of story, and adding that into the high quality virtual reality video makes these experienes INCREDIBLY immersive. It doesn't hurt that Mirei herself is so damn sexy, but she's a great actress. She gives you that perfect little grin, or that shy look in her eyes as she takes her top off in front of her boyfriend for the very first time. It's realistic enough that you just might feel nervous as she slowly wraps her fingers around your cock, too! KoalaVR has this incredible, sexy scene spread over two parts. You can seamlessly jump through the hardcore JAV action using the SLR app, letting you switch between parts of the video without ever taking your headset off - and offering you a wealth of tools to enhance the visual experience! Don't miss out on a fun and exciting night of pure passion with your sexy girlfriend, Mirei Aika!
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