Yura – Apartment Days! Act 2

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Description: You're in for a lovely day with the even lovelier Yura. She tells you right up front that this is the first time she's had a boy over to her house, and she starts out nervous and shy, she warms up to you pretty quickly, even inviting you up on the bed as she demonstrates all her "toys". This is a strictly softcore virtual girlfriend experience from JAV studio FANTASTICA, delivering a full hour spread over two parts where you just get to enjoy the company of an incredible Japanese teen. Plus, her outfits just keep getting sexier and sexier! This softcore VR video is best enjoyed with the SLR app so that you can seamlessly switch between both parts without breaking your immersion by taking off your headset, so go ahead and enjoy a virtual date with a virtual lady that'll make a day to remember with the lovely Yura.
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Models: Yura