Kano Sakurai – Bump on the Street Leads to Beautiful Gyaru Saving the Day

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Description: Uh oh... you got yourself into a little bit of trouble and now someone is gonna' have to take care of you! Lucky for you, sexy Kano Sakurai was making her way through the fashion district when she stumbled into you. Laying in bed, this sexy Japanese idol just can't resist your body, and before you know it she's got her fingers working towards your cock faster and faster. She'll slip you out of your pants and wrap her lips around the head of your dick while she gazes right into your eyes. They were right about these gyaru girls - they're nothing but trouble! Lay back and let her care for your every need until you fill her sweet & sexy mouth with a hot load of cum, which she'll drool right into the palm of her hand for you to enjoy. This is one bump on the street you won't forget any time soon!
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