Hikaru Konno – Covert Sex at the Internet Cafe

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Description: Privacy is hard to come by in Japan, but there's always the private internet booths. In this VR JAV video from V1VR, you've slipped the sexy Hikaru Konno back into the room with you, and it's getting awfully hot in this small space. Lay back on the floor and let her mouth do all the work as she gives you one of the hottest blowjobs you've ever had - just try not to moan so loud that the neighbors hear! You'll get to push an electric toy into her tight pussy and turn up the intensity on your remote, making her cum as she stands over you, and then it's your turn to fill her mouth with a hot and sticky load. Just grab your favorite VR headset plus the free and easy to use SLR app and YOU can have a hot public blowjob in minutes!
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Models: Hikaru Konno