Yuma Tsukigaze – To The Limit Part 1

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Description: Bringing your dreams to life has to be the best part of VR, and now you can get yourself a sexy Japanese MILF as your very own virtual girlfriend with the help of studio ParrellalWordle and the SexLikeReal app. Whether she's being cute on the bed, showing you her sexy ass, or even if you've got her on a leash so she can't get away, you'll get to enjoy beautiful Yuma Tsukigaze in numerous positions while you do nothing but enjoy her company AND her body. This is a strictly softcore experience, designed to be relaxing and immersive - definitely worth adding to your VR lineup as a hot little change of pace! Check out both parts of this two part VR softcore virtual girlfriend experience using the SLR app and you can easily switch between both parts with just a couple clicks, never taking off your headset!
Sponsored by: SexLikeReal
Models: Yuma Tsukigase