Verronica's Interview

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Description: Verronica is very open and enjoys talking about sex. While sitting on a chair wearing a tight, low-cut top and shorts, with her long, blonde hair falling over one shoulder, she talks about how she likes to masturbate. She explains how she loves sex and enjoys using dildos and vibrators. She talks about having orgies on her birthday and using her dildo to make herself cum so hard she squirts. She goes on to talk about how she equally enjoys being with men and women. As she talks about having threesomes she explains how she is down to fuck and open to just about anything. She goes on to discuss shooting her own solo videos and how she loves it when she hooks up with a guy who makes her squirt. The interview comes to an end as she talks about one guy who makes her cum so much she must put down a towel to keep from soaking through the bed. She then waves goodbye. Through the entire interview, she had wide, engaging smile on her face. This is a girl who loves sex and loves to talk about it.
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Models: Verronica Kirei