Hatsune Imai and Kuran Itou – Sharehouse Harem Part 2

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Description: JAV films are known for having a long plot, a story for you to follow on your sexual adventure. Now, ChinChinVR is bringing that exact same depth to the world of virtual reality in a fun and erotic experience featuring the lovely Hatsune Imai and sexy Kuran Itou. That's two babes for you to enjoy over four parts of virtual reality video, which total to a full-length JAV experience. And what an experience it is! Featuring some of the hottest sexy featuring two of the hottest women, you'll even get to experience both of these girls together - twice! This is every man's threesome fantasy, brought to life in a believable and immersive plot that's helped along by some high quality VR video that really sells the belief that you're living out your fantasies. Don't miss out on another minute of all the Japanese hardcore threesome action that's waiting for you in your dreams - and all you need to get started is your Oculus Quest, HTC Vive / Vive Pro, Valve Index, Gear VR, or one of many other supported headsets with the SLR app. You can start streaming your dreams right away with a single click!
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Models: Hatsune Imai