Ayako Inoue – Full Service Brothel ONLY for Married Clients Part 2

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Description: Is this your first time at brothel? Ayako promises that she won't tell your wife. In fact, here they specialize in the very best customer "service" for their married clients. After a quick round of introductions this stunning Japanese MILF is ready to give you what you've paid for. And is that a wedding ring you spot on her finger? Hm... you can't help but wonder what her husband thinks about her work, but once her tongue is sliding into your mouth it's too hard to care. Within ten minutes she's got her top off and is grinding her wet pussy against your leg through her panties. One visit with her just isn't enough, so in part two you come back for more and she's wearing the sexiest black body stocking, already laying in your lap and running her delicate fingers over your body. The first time, in part one, you only got around to the foreplay, but this time she's not letting you leave without making you one satisfied customer. Within moments your cock in deep in her mouth for a slow and sensual blowjob that's well worth the price of admission to this high-class whorehouse. The light go out on part two as she slipping a condom over your stiff cock, so that in part three she can finally get to fuck you! You know you're the one paying this Japanese babe for her tight pussy, but you can't help but think that she's having just as much fun as you are. After she's cum for you, Ayako climbs back off your cock and strokes you fast while she licks the head of your dick until you burst all over her hands, lips, and face in a messy cumshot finale. It's an INCREDIBLE and immersive hardcore JAV experience featuring one of the hottest Asian MILFs you can find, and it's all yours to stream right to your favorite VR headset using the SexLikeReal app so you can seamlessly jump between each part of all the hot action. Don't miss Ayako Inoue's sexy performance as she sucks, fuck, strokes, and pleases you as her very favorite customer at the Full Service Brothel!
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