Mirei Morishita – Taken Advantage of While I Watch Because of My Unpaid Debts Part 1

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Description: You've fallen behind on your debts, and now your sordid past is coming back to bite you when the local Yakuza catch you and your wife Mirei enjoying a few moments alone. You're powerless to stop them as they ask her what SHE plans to do about your little problem. She doesn't have any money, she's always depended on you to take care of that... and she never thought to ask where all the extra cash was coming from. There's one thing she can give them, though, and they're going to take it - whether you want to watch or not. You're restrained on the bed as these two assholes to start to feel and strip down your wife, playin with her pussy right in front of you, and all you can do is lay there. Controlled at gunpoint, her mouth will be pulled down to their cocks, and you'll hear her whimper with pleasure as she gets fucked by each of them. It's so wrong, it's so evil... but you just can't pull your eyes away. She'll be right on top of you, her tits shaking back and forth and brushing against your skin, as each of these yakuza scum fucks her from behind. And just in case you're feeling left out, she'll even have to put on a little show for them to enjoy when she's made to suck your cock until they watch you cum all over your sexy little wife Mirei Morishita. There's so much hot, ultra hardcore gangbang action that CasanovA had to split this JAV VR experience into two separate parts. With the SLR app, you can stream both of these naughty little scene using your Oculus Quest, HTC Vive / Vive Pro, Rift S, GearVR, or one of many other supported platforms without ever needing to take off your headset and breaking the immersion! Experience the sort of taboo fantasy that's only found in the hottest JAV scenes, and let yourself be full immersed in your kink with this hot scene from CasanovA featuring the incredible Mirei Morishita!
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