Yukine Sakuragi – Ejaculation Control

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Description: It's hard to be in a long distance relationship, but Yukine Sakuragi makes it a little easier by using her web cam to meet your needs. Tonight she's dying to get you off, but she doesn't want it to happen until she says so. Yukine is absolutely gorgeous, with long hair that hangs down in soft, silky curls and a gorgeous face. Her pink lips have you transfixed from the moment you see them and you're dying to see them wrapped around your cock. You'll get the next best thing as Yukine pulls out her clear dildo and shows you what she wishes she was doing to your dick. Play with yourself while you watch, but don't cum just yet. She wants to show you her body, taking her time to strip down the silk top that's covering her small tits so you can look at her hard, dark nipples. When she shows you her silk panties, you can't help but notice the wet spot. Yukine is enjoying the show and she's almost ready to let you finish. Just make sure you wait until she says - you want to join her for a video again soon.
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