Keiko Ninomiya – Secret Sex in a Karaoke Box Special

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Description: You're taking a little quiet time in a private video booth when a woman storms in - sexy Japanese MILF Keiko Ninomiya. She's trying to get your attention, and the first words out of her mouth are "please help me"! Well, this day just took an interesting turn, didn't it? But things are getting even MORE wild when she comes right in for a kiss. Her hand is on the bulge forming in your shorts, pressing against your cock as she starts to slip out of her top to show you those perfect breasts, and before you know this Japanese slut is lowering her mouth right down to your rock-hard cock to give you a blowjob! You need to come to these video booths more often! She needs a whole lot more than just a taste of your dick, and she climbs up into your lap to slip you into that MILF pussy of hers and start riding you. Don't worry - even if the people in the next booth can hear her, they're not going to say anything. They're hoping for a secret sex hookup of their own. And this hot Japanese MILF has a special treat for you at the end, breaking out a toy pussy for give you a handjob with for an incredibly messy cumshot that'll leave you both sweaty, sticky, and VERY satisfied.
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