Yukari Miyazawa – Secret Sex with Truant Schoolgirl Before Parents Find Out Part 2

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Description: Yukari Miyazawa doesn't want to go to school today and she's hiding out in your house. You're going to take her back to class, but when she says she'll do anything to stay home you have another idea. Yukari knows what you want and moves you to the bedroom to keep you distracted. She looks sweet in her school uniform with the tiny plaid skirt, but it's clear the minute she reaches for your cock that this slut has already gotten plenty of experience giving men a good time. When the leans over to give you a blowjob, you get extra hard looking at those cute, cotton panties peeking out from her skirt. The outfit is a huge turn on, but you want to see the petite teen body underneath. Her tits are bigger than you though and her pussy and ass are so gorgeous you can't stop staring at them. You've both forgotten all about school as all the clothes come off and Yukari mounts your throbbing cock to ride you cowgirl. Get all you can from that tight little pussy before you lose control and blow your load. You won't get to fuck Yukari again until she skips school tomorrow.
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