Minori Kotani – One Curtain Over Secret Hospital Sex Part 1

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Description: Visiting hours at the hospital have never been so much fun! You're stuck in your hospital bed, and you're ready to get out of here. But the doctors just need you to stay a little longer. Luckily, your sweet girlfriend Minori Kotani came for a visit, but now that you see there's no way you can keep that desire hidden. She sees your cock getting hard under your pants, she sees the ways you keep licking your lips as you look over her body. There's someone in the next bed, and they're almost certainly going to hear you, but will she dare to do it anyway? We both know the answer to that. Experience the thrill of sex in public as your girlfriend helps herself to your stiff cock in the hospital, sucking and fucking you without a care in the world about who can hear you. Enjoy two parts of hardcore POV JAV VR action, streamed flawlessly and seamlessly with the SLR app letting you switch between part one and part two of this VR porn video quickly and easily. Trust us, we'd do a lot more than just get ourselves in the hospital to have a chance at touching Minori Kotani's sexy, slim body - and all you need is to pick up your VR headset and enjoy!
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Models: Minori Kotani