Mayu Satou – Immoral Ryokan Vacation Part 1

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Description: Get your ticket for an erotic getaway with the lovely Mayu Satou. She's been asking you to get away fro a ryokan for weeks now, and you finally caved - and she's happy to make it worth your while! You check into the old-fashioned, traditional hotel and let yourselves into your quaint room. She's already biting her lip with excitement as she sit across from you. Her arms slide out of her beautiful kimono, letting it fall to the floor and showing you her absolutely perfect tits. Soft, round... not too big, but not too small. Every inch of her body is yours to look over as she shows you everything... and we mean EVERYTHING, even bending over and spread her sweet ass cheeks just inches away from your face. Now that you're good and hard, Mayu Satou lowers her mouth until her lips are wrapped around the head of your cock. It feels even better than you imagined... and your fun stay at the hotel is only beginning! There's so much hardcore action packed into the JAV VR experience that studio AromaPlanning had to spread it out over two different parts. Using the SLR app, you can easily jump between these parts so you don't break your immersion in the romantic getaway with your perfect girlfriend, Mayu! You're in for an incredibly immersive and erotic sexual adventure, complete with JAV classic finish - cumming in her mouth and watching her drool cum right into the palm of her hand!
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Models: Mayu Satou