Ai Minano – College Friend Runs Away and Crashes at My Place Part 1

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Description: It's been a long time since you last saw Ai Minano. Your old college flame needs a place to stay, and she didn't know where else to turn. Have a seat and catch up on old times with this cute and sexy Japanese beauty while you sip your drink and relax. After a little while, she realizes she's been on the road too long and really needs to grab a shower, and when she comes back out wearing only a towel, she's already turning up the heat. Slowly, and shyly, Ai Minano climbs into your lap and starts kissing you. Just like old times, eh? Moments later she's down on all four, your rock-hard cock rolling over her tongue as she gives you a blowjob right in your living room. She's got to have you, and you she can't wait another moment, climbing back into you lap and slipping your dick deep inside her wet pussy. The action keeps going in part two as you'll get to take her from behind, and even lay back on the couch and watch her fantastic body while she rides you cowgirl. And this time, you're going to do something you never got to do in college - give Ai Minano a messy creampie finish! JAV is the best way to enjoy storytelling in porn, and by taking the experience into virtual reality it's elevated to a level of immersion that you've never experienced before. With high quality video, a sexy, gorgeous woman, and the lightning-fast streaming of the SLR app, you can enjoy both parts of this JAV VR experience from AromaPlanning like you're actually in Japan... all without leaving your home!
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