Mia's Swirled Rainbow Lollipop

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Description: It's quitting time at the office and one by one all of your coworkers are on the way out the door. Three of your favorites are waiting by the elevator when they see you at your desk still grinding out numbers for the company. Kurea Hasumi Mizuki Hayakawa and Mei Matsumoto know that you'd rather be anywhere else - but you're stuck here. If you can't go out and have some fun maybe these three Japanese sluts can bring the fun in to you! After they've teased you with their perfect bodies feeling each other as they let your hands run over them they'll drop to their knees and take turns sucking your cock. This is a TRIPLE blowjob in virtual reality given to you by some of the HOTTEST JAV Idols in the business! If that doesn't get you to blow your load right then and there - there's even more incredible action waiting for you as each of these girls does everything she can to get your cum spraying all over! With the SLR app streaming this high quality VR video to your favorite headset you won't miss the detail of a single drop of cum hanging from their fingertips as they giggle with each other over a job VERY well done. Now they're work is REALLY done and they can go home! Too bad you're still stuck at the office...
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Models: Mia Kay