Laura with Toys

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Description: Nicole Love dresses like her favorite Pok\u00e9mon Pikachu and bounces on the bed with a smile on her pretty face. Her long dark hair is in ponytails that fall over her shoulders as she unbuttons her costume and shows that she is completely naked underneath it. She plays with her nice natural tits then she unbuttons the back and shows off her round sweet ass. After getting out her vibrator she turns it on and uses it to tease her nipples. With her costume hanging off her body she gets on all fours and buries the toy in her pussy from behind then she takes it out and puts it in her mouth so she can lick it clean. She puts the toy back in her pussy smiling and making eye contact as she fucks herself good and hard. She wants to get on top so she stands the toy up and sits on it grinding her hips and letting her tits jiggle as she bounces on it. After cumming again she once again licks it clean then teases her nipples one last time before putting her costume back on and bouncing around the room.
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