Rina Hatsume – I Love My Papa More Than Anybody Else Part 2

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Description: For me of a novelist I have a daughter Rina who is drowning to the extent that it does not hurt even if I see it. Lina like me everyday like me everyday has been going up step by step step by step approaching an adult woman, recently adolescents ... The puffy swollen breast, puffy pubes, growing thick on the bread Thighs, my dangerous delusions are about to swell every day, recently as I write romance novels with Rina as the hero, the desire for my daughter can not stop. One day, when Rina who refrained from taking the examination asks me for my examination "Papa ... tell me because I do not understand this formula" and shake my reason with an unprotected breast chirp, I take a written manuscript "The main character of this work is about Rina, is not it?" And my feelings for my daughter are overflowing ... I forcibly close my lips and kiss me, and I tell her seriously, "I love you more than Mama!" To Rina Rude in trouble, Rina who took the feeling accepts my caress honestly. Serve a flesh sticking to Rina in poor blowjobs, finally filling the vagina which is underdeveloped by inserting a snake and fucking my child. "Today's things should be kept secret to mama ..." and incest sexual intercourse, whose feelings break down with a daughter smiling at the adult's face.
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Models: Rina Hatsume