The Chauffer

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Description: You’re a rich family man and have just recently employed a new hot chauffer. The wife isn’t overly happy about it but she’s only going to be driving you too and from work you tell her, and not to be so paranoid. Michelle pick’s you up from your house and has specific instructions just to take you to the office. You make small talk on your journey but she seems very flirty with you. You’re driving for a while and you suddenly take an unexpected turn into an industrial estate and start to feel panicked. You ask her, “where are you taking me”? She starts off on the wrong foot right away, she says’ I’m going to give you more than a just a ride to the office, I’m going to ride your cock! The thought of her fucking you instantly makes you feel so horny, especially after your wife just gave you a grilling over this . Looking through the car mirror, she can see the frustration now on your face and starts to take control of your body. Michelle pulls the car over, she gets out of the car and leans in and grabs you by the tie. She’s pulled you out of the car and before you know it, your pants are around your ankles. Feeling panic and excitement she wraps her warm mouth around your cock and slowly starts licking it from top to bottom. No one can see you down this industrial estate and its unlikely the wife will ever find out so what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her right? So you just let her do what she wants. Can you handle seeing more of Michelle and what happens in the end? Let help you get your MILF fix from Michelle Thorne. Become the ‘Avatar’ and immerse yourself in a Virtual Realty Porn and experience with Michelle which you have never experienced before. Filmed in 4K, HD Quality, shot in 180, with 3D with binaural Sound.
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Models: Michelle Thorne