Sexy Cop Katy Shows Off Her Fishnet - Clad Feet

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Description: Kanon Saeki is an insatiable nymphomaniac whose husband just can't satisfy her. You just came over to talk but she's all over you the minute you walk in the door tugging off her clothes and running her hands all over you. She's just your type - gorgeous with long brown hair and a petite frame. She pulls up her shirt and pushes her tits in your face her huge nipples hard and wanting. You know you shouldn't fuck another man's wife but you can feel how wet she is as she straddles you and you just can't help yourself. You'll get to lay back and enjoy while Kanon gets the satisfaction she can't get from her husband from you. She takes her time with a blowjob to get you hard but she's riding you before you know it moaning with relief as you fill her pussy. That's not all she wants you to fill though. Kanon loves anal and she doesn't wait for your permission before she takes it from you. Her moans are full of pain and pleasure while you take her. When she's gotten what you want Kanon will give you an orgasm that keeps you coming back to enjoy her. Her husband's loss is your gain.
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