Maria Ousawa \u2013 3DVR Real Brothel Restaurant 5

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Description: Today started like any other day and with you taking your usual elevator at your usual time to your usual destination. The same three cute OLs are riding up with you. But today fate has played a card in your favor. With a jolt the elevator stops and within moments these three babes are turning to you to break out of the boredom. Hell they're stuck here and they want something to do - why shouldn't that something be YOU? Treat yourself a sexy Japanese foursome with three of the hottest JAV idols - Riko Kitagawa Yuuha Kiriyama and Saya Araki. They're all dressed in their perfect OL clothes all prim and proper but the sluts underneaths those outfits are just DYING for a chance to break free. But first... these three ladies are just dying for a chance to use the bathroom and with no idea how long they'll be stuck here. Well what would YOU do? Watch as they hike up their skirts and start RELIEVING THEMSELVES right on the floor only mere inches in front of you! Then only a little embarrassed but REALLY turned on they'll let you open up their blouses and let your hands wander all over their perfect soft tits. Their hands make their way down to your cock already rock hard after watching their little wet and wild show. Then in part two lay back and let their mouths start to run up and down your shaft in a fantastic sexy double blowjob that'll leave you ready to blow your load right then and there. But hang on just a little longer! There's still plenty of fucking to do when these girls climb right into your lap to ride your cowgirl on the floor of the elevator. Finally they'll stroke your cock while they work together to lick your nipples letting you blow your sticky load all over their hands. We've never been happier to imagine getting stuck in an elevator and now you can bring your fantasy to life with this hardcore FFFM foursome from AromaPlanning.
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Models: Maria Ousawa