Mike Massages Makayla

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Description: Makayla is in trouble. She's trying to become a certified massage therapist, has taken classes and studied for exams, but she doesn't think it is enough. She thinks she's going to fail her masseuse class, which will leave her without a job. Makayla needs to practice and put in the long, hard study hours to make sure the massage knowledge is drilled deep inside her. But what can she do? Better question is whom can she do? Mike meets Makayla by the pool, obviously stressed. She confides in him the situation. Thankfully, Mike has an idea. He is skilled with his hands and promises to show Makayla a thing or two about massage. Overjoyed, she agrees and tells him she will focus on everything he has to instruct her. Because she wants to learn. She needs to learn. Really, really bad. Mike knows the best way to show Makayla is to demonstrate on her. He begins to rub her down, his muscular arms working her tight body, but he needs the clothes out of the way. After all, her clients won't be wearing clothes. As Mike begins to work her thighs, he moves closer and closer to her dripping pussy. It's shaved and tight and calling to him. He decides to show Makayla one of his favorite massage positions. It's called fingering the pussy. Makayla arches back and lets Mike continue to play, but she wants more. She draws him in close and he laps up every drip of her sweet pussy juices. She moans for more and more. But she doesn't just want his tongue. She wants his dick. Makayla reaches for his cock, which is already throbbing. She spreads herself wide and lets Mike push deep inside of her. She can feel his pulsating inside of her tight, slippery pussy. She pushes down around him and looks deep in his eyes. She wants him to push deeper. She wants him to push harder. Mike flips Makayla over onto all fours. This way, he can grab her ass and really slam into her ass. It slaps and bounces with every thrust. She moans louder and Mike is closer and closer to spraying his milky load. He's about to cum. He needs to cum. He slides out of her tight pussy and rushes to her tits and face. She needs more of that massage lotion!
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