VR Hospital Nurse Lucy Devine

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Description: In this raunchy VR Porn video gorgeous Nurse Lucy helps one of her patients recover with her gorgeous body. HD videos available only with the Virtual Porn Website. Nurse Lucy is well known to making full satisfaction for her patients. Mr Jones has been having a problem just lately with ejaculation. Nurse Lucy has been specifically assigned to look after Mr Jones because she is brilliant at helping solve this problem. Nurse Lucy comes from behind the curtain, her heels clipping on the flooring, her big tits bursting out of her nurse’s uniform. “Hi, Mr Jones, nice to meet you. I see we have a problem with ejaculation today? We don’t want that do we?” She walks around the bottom of the bed up to you, she peels back the blanket “just going to take a look, if you don’t mind…” Nurse Lucy is blown away in shock, she can’t wait to help solve this problem. “OOO wow! That’s a very nice cock you have so I’m going to try a few things today to help you with your problem. We can’t have all that yummy spunk not coming out can we?” She starts to rub on your cock with pleasure, I am sure she is so wet. “I am going to give you a special massage is it ok if I lick you? She flicks all the hair out the way and lifts her knee on the bed. “What an amazing cock you have”. She bends down over your legs holding onto your cock, she starts to place her tongue over your cock and lick, “I’m just going to lick on your balls” you can hear the sound as she flaps her tongue onto them. Nurse Lucy wants to turn this up a bit, so she gets up and pulls down the zip on her uniform, her tits pop out and she rubs her hands around her breasts and asks you. “I don’t suppose you mind me rubbing my breasts all over your cock do you?” she leans over and gets onto the bed, she rubs her tits on your cock… “Well we have no problem getting you nice and hard do we, I’m going to do all I can to get that yummy spunk out of you today.” Nurse Lucy starts to suck on your cock, she goes deeper as she gags on it. “I don’t suppose you mind if I ride your cock do you?” Nurse Lucy cannot wait to sit on your cock. She sucks a little longer the rubs your bell end on her nipples. Lucy gets on top of you and starts rubbing your cock on her pussy, she slides it in slowly, gets on both feet sitting over you she starts to bounce up and down on your cock “mmm that feels good” She loves riding your cock, her dark brown curls wave around as she bounces hard on you. She struggles to take how big your cock is and moans, her big tits jiggle around. She gets up and goes into reverse cowgirl, Nurse Lucy lowers herself down and puts your cock in her nice wet warm pussy. She spanks her arse “do you like that do you, when I spank my arse?” You, naught Mr Jones spank and grasp her nice juicy arse cheeks. “Oh yeah, do you like me grinding on your cock? Every inch of it? Oh yeah mmmm” as she start to bounce again. She looks back and grabs her arse. Her moans get louder as she rides your cock faster and faster, “Oh fuck! Can you bend me over and fuck me from behind baby?” You change position and have Nurse Lucy on her hands and knees bending over your hospital bed, you stick your cock straight into her pussy, and it slides straight. “Oh fuck that’s good, oh spank my arse baby” You spank her juicy arse as she moans. “Oh your cock feels so good baby, come on fuck me you naught boy! Nurse Lucy moans louder. “Give me every inch of your big hard cock baby, mmmm” She wants you to spank her more, you spank her harder “Fuck me harder baby!” You grasp her hips and thrust harder and harder, her arse bouncing on your cock. “You like me backing up on your big cock? That big juicy arse oh yeah?” she moans louder. Nurse Lucy sucks her finger and sticks it up her arse hole and growls with pleasure. Nurse Lucy turns over onto her back, you are standing over her and you slide your cock into her pussy, she has some sexy fishnet stockings on, her legs in the air. She spanks her pussy and rubs her clit, “mmm, oh yeah, you naughty boy, put that big cock nice in my pussy, that feels so fucking good baby fuck me” Nurse Lucy grasps her tit and licks her nipple. The pleasure gets intense as you thrust slower and deeper, faster than harder “come on cum for me you naught boy, come on I wanna taste you, cover my body in that lovely spunk baby!” You fuck her so hard you spunk all over her stomach as she wipes her fingers into your spunk and sucks it off.
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