Gorgeous Cuties With Hot Mouths For Breakfast

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Description: He was still in bed when his two hot roommates Candy and Katy got back from their morning yoga session and decided to surprise him. They crawled into bed with him, pulled back the covers, and wrapped their mouths around his dick, giving him a double blowjob. As they sucked and stroked him, they peeled off their yoga pants and tops then Katy stabbed herself on his hard dick. She bounced on his cock while kissing Candy then she jumped off and let Candy have a ride. Candy lost her mind cumming all over his cock before letting Katy get back on and cum on his shaft as well. He got a workout of his own when he put both ladies on all fours and fucked them from behind then let them stroke and suck him as he popped so they could share his sticky cum.
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