Naughty House Maid VR

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Description: Vickie is a naughty house maid cleaning up around the house while mans wife is out’. She finishes cleaning and walks down stairs. ’Well , Guess ill get going, but I’m just wondering what made you stay at home today You don’t normally. I know your always at work aren’t you? All work no play’. She says, walking around the kitchen acting sexy. She starts wiping the table surface, bending over and revealing under her short maids dress her thongs. ‘so tell me, what made you stay at home today? was it because you knew id be on my own? With no body hear’. ‘And think you can get away with sitting round the house half naked’’ she says. She slowly walks over to him and starts to pull his shorts of. ’This is what you’ve been wanting isn’t it? I don’t think you even need me here to clean for you, i think your house is always clean anyway its you thats dirty’. She says and then starts sucking and stroking his cock. Vickie sits back and lets him watch her play with her pussy. With her legs open wide, she rubs her clit and pulls her maids dress up. She starts to finger herself right in front of the you while moaning. ’So i found something today when i was cleaning’. ‘I think its something you left as a little treat for me’. She says as she pulls out a big 12 inch dildo. ‘Im not sure i can take that, what do you think’. As she walks back over from the draw and starts to rub it around her pussy. She inserts the dildo and says ‘I think you just like to see me in pain don’t you’. The man takes the dildo of of vickie, and takes control of the dildo action. He starts to push it in and out , starting slow and getting faster. Vickie moans with pleasure. ‘Lets get into my favourite positon’, she says after taking the dildo out and bending over in front of you. She lets you finger her pussy while she moves back and forth onto your fingers. Almost like she’s doing doggy and your fingers the cock. After a bit she gets up and starts to give you a blowjob in return. She keeps eye contact, and starts to deep throat and spit on cock to get it wet. You can hear her choking. ‘I want to squirt on your cock’ she says as she stands infant of you letting you finger her really fast. ‘Oh thats it come on’ she moans as she feels closer to coming, ‘oh yeah keep going’. She cums, but thats not enough. She really wants to squirt on your cock, so she stands up over you and fingers herself fast until squirting. Now that she’s had her turn to cum and squirt, its only right that she returns the pleasure and wanks you, until you cum. Mean time she is sucking your cock and swallowing all the cum she can get. Shortly after, she stands up giggling. ‘I shall be back same time next week. She says as she turns around and walks to the door.
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