Getting Laid In The Woods

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Description: Stacey Lee and her man went for a drive out to the woods where they put down a blanket and thought about having a picnic, but they had other things on their mind than eating lunch. Stacey, wearing just a sexy bikini, kissed him and pulled his pants down so she could stroke his big cock while he took her bikini top off. She went to her knees and took his dick in her mouth, sucking and stroking it as he leaned against the car. After shedding her bikini bottoms, she laid him down on the blanket and continued to suck his dick then she got on all fours so he could hit it from behind. He worked that pussy doggy style, making the sexy brunette’s medium size, natural tits swing as he pounded into her. She rolled over onto her back so he could get on top and drill her shaved pussy while she put one leg up over his shoulder. She gives him some more head then they roll onto their sides so she can put both lets around him as they get busy. Things come to a sticky climax when she gets on top and rides him. As he gets ready to pop he pulls out and squirts his jizz all over her ass then puts his dick back in and continues to pump. Through it all her glasses never came off!
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